Applying Sunday's Sermon

Beth Kolar is a small group coordinator at Community Christian Church in Yorkvile, IL.  CCC's small groups use a "big idea" curriculum, which means their study is designed to flow out of Sunday's sermon.

Your group can use discussion guides every week that are based on our Sunday sermons also.  We print the questions here on Friday, you can also read them in the LIFEgroup Weekly which you can pick up in the main hall at the church building.

Beth posted a short note about how she prepares for her group meetings.  I think this is interesting and helpful. Check it out:

Here is what preparation for my group time looks like:

Sunday morning –Attend service, take notes on my Blackberry (You thought I was texting my friends, didn’t you!?) Add questions about what I didn’t get, tangents in my own mind and quotes of interest.

Sunday afternoon – Read my notes, pray, review the Big Idea Guide in the light of who is in my group, recent conversations, or what I really want them to ‘get’.  I use an online Bible and search the concordance for related verses, chapters, stories, etc…I copy and paste them to a Word doc and print to take with me to group, for reference. Try to think of any visual aid or activity that may supplement the learning.  (Most often the Big Idea Guide has something)

Monday morning – pray, go to work 9-6, pray

Monday afternoon – Call my apprentice to share my heart about tonight’s lesson and review where I think God is taking us – being sure to share the essence of the teaching and empowering him/her to help the conversation move in that direction, asking for input.

If you want to read more, you can see CCC's small group blog by clicking here.