Simple Strategy for Being Formative, Caring, and Missional

Mark 12 and John 13 identify three core relationship every disciple of Christ should be developing. These are our relationship with God, with Each Other, and with The World. LIFEgroups are designed to facilitate the development of these three relationships. Here are some very practical ways to accomplish this in your group.

Relationship to God (FORMATIVE)
  • Discuss last week's sermon
  • Discuss group member's personal Bible Study
  • Discuss a shared book or curriculum guide
  • Set and review personal goals for spiritual growth

Relationship to Each Other (CARING)
  • Share prayer requests with each other
  • Pray for one another
  • Assist one another in reconciling broken relationships
  • Check up on those who are absent
  • Meet one another's needs
  • Plan service projects within the church

Relationship to the World (MISSIONAL)
  • Discuss and pray about weekly opportunities for evangelism
  • Set personal goals for evangelism
  • Plan community service projects