Who Is God? He's the Creator!

Use Romans 1:18-25 to guide you as you work your way through these 20 questions designed to help you explore God's identity as Creator.

1. Are men really ungodly and righteous? Why or why not?
2. By whose standards are these judgments made?
3. What makes someone ungodly or unrighteous?
4. What truths about God do people suppress? Why?
5. What are the attributes of God that are clear to everyone?
6. How can creation point us to God?
7. Does it matter that God is immortal?
8. If God is the creator, what –if any– is our responsibility to him?
9. Why wouldn’t someone want to believe that God is the creator?
10. What do you think it means to “worship the creature”? Do people worship the creature today?
11. How does suppressing God’s truth make it easier for people to claim “wisdom”?
12. What is “wisdom”? Who is someone most non-believers think is wise?
13. Do people prefer “black and white” wisdom or “gray”? Why? Does God see in black and white?
14. Why does God consider man’s wisdom to be “futile thinking”? Can you think of an example of this?
15. In what way are men’s hearts darkened and foolish? Does this apply to everyone? Why or why not?
16. How are people “without excuse”? For what? To whom?
17. Why is God wrathful?
18. Who is in danger of facing God’s wrath?
19. How is God’s wrath evident today?
20. How will it be evident in the future?