Three is Enough...

Todd Hunter is the creator of Three is Enough groups. These are micro groups designed to fascilitate spiritual formation in the lives of their members. Todd says, "Spiritual transformation into Christlikeness has always been the true goal of Christian faith—now it is utterly strategic."

Explaining the concept of TIE (three is enough), Todd writes:

  • Three is Enough Groups have a double meaning: they are three friends or colleagues doing three simple and humble activities.
  • Three Is Enough Groups will go on the Journey Inward of spiritual transformation and the Journey Outward of serving others.
TIE groups are built around three practices in which each group engages:
  • Try out new ways to pray
  • Read and interact
  • Serve others in creative, in out of sight, but genuinely helpful ways.
As someone who likes a trinitarian approach to practical matters of ministry (ie. 3Relationships), I really like the simplicity of this. I could see this approach being integrated into small groups quite easily. I'm imaging a group could create several TIE groups within the group, and set aside one night per month to divide into the TIE groups instead of meeting as a large group.