It Takes a Small Group

by Esther Bailey

Pictures of impoverished children tug at our hearts. Too often, though, the image fades before we take action, or other financial demands claim our attention. Why not sponsor a child as a group project? By making your commitment as a group, no one needs to shoulder a financial burden, and you are more likely to be faithful in prayer for your child.

To sign up, contact World Vision (888-511-6592), Christian Children's Fund (800-776-6767), Save the Children (800-728-3843), Mission of Mercy (800-864-0200), or Compassion International (800-336-7676). Some programs allow you to choose a child on the basis of age, sex, or country of residence. You can receive a picture and a biographical sketch of the child you choose.

Even minimal involvement will help your group bond with someone in another part of the world. When you receive a letter from your child, or a progress report, you might want to do further study of the area where your child lives. The more you learn, the easier it will be to pray for your child's needs. You may even decide to sponsor more than one child.

(Editor's Note: Before making this commitment discuss as a group how you will handle the sponsorship should your group disband.)

-from Discipleship Journal, Sept/Oct 2001, Issue #125