Getting to Know You

When our small group started, we did not know each other well. One idea that helped us get to know each other was the cup game.

My husband gave each person 20 questions with space for answers. The questions ranged from the lighthearted ("What did you want to be when you grew up?" "What is your favorite TV show?" "What is your favorite season?") to the more serious ("How did you become a Christian?" "Who is someone you admire?" "How would you describe your teenage years: horrible, OK, or better than expected?"). He instructed people to answer 10 of the 20 questions. It didn't matter which 10, although he encouraged them to answer a mixture of fun and serious questions. Everyone was then directed to drop one answered question into each of the 10 cups on a nearby table.

Next, we chose one of the cups. One by one, we read each questions and answer aloud. Each person in the group had a piece of paper on which to write who he or she thought had answered the question. After all the questions and answers had been read, we shared our guesses. Once we discovered who the "real" person was, we gave that individual a chance to further explain his or her answer.

This game provided a way for all of us to share a little about ourselves in a fun, informal manner. We did several cups that first night, but from time to time we will still pull out a cup to learn more about each other.

~from Discipleship Journal, March/April 2002