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Launching With a New LIFEgroup This Fall

Joining an existing LIFEgroup is always difficult. Everyone already knows each other, you’ve missed out on inside jokes, and it takes a long time to figure out the culture. A couple times each year, we try to launch NEW groups, so that those wishing to join a group can share the experience of starting a group from scratch. Our launch groups are led by capable leaders, and remain open to new members for several months in order to help the group grow. Below are the groups launching in the fall of ‘09.

Crown Financial:
Money is weighing heavily on people’s minds right now. Wouldn’t you love to know exactly what the Bible says about how to use your money? This group will walk you through all the Bible’s teaching about money. This study includes some homework and a small fee for materials.

Young and Married:
If you’re new to family life, whether or not you have kids, this group is for you. Join with other couples to build relationships, pray together, and study the New Testament book of…

Tranformation Takes Time

How small group leaders cultivate spiritual growth.
Brett Eastman, CEO of Lifetogether, Inc.

Our small group, like most small groups, is comprised of people with varying degrees of Christian maturity. One lady arrived as a spiritual seeker. Within time, she committed her life to Christ and was baptized. The evening of her baptism was a special time for our small group, as we celebrated her decision and prayed with her. Both seasoned prayer warriors and new believers lifted up praises and petitions; new believers prayed out loud and learned that there is no right or wrong way to pray.

Because of this one event, others deeply grew in their prayer life. Those who never would have prayed out loud when they first joined ended the year praying. That kind of spiritual growth is exciting, but it doesn't happen immediately.

Transformation takes time. Despite the tendency to want instant spiritual growth, hosts are there to help members grow step-by-step, sometimes inch-by-inch. How do …

Habakkuk: Finding God in Uncertainty (LIFEgroup Questions)

As a group, make a list of people who seem to be succeeding at life in spite of living an immoral lifestyle (celebrities, politicians, athletes, etc.).

Why do you think God allows these people to be so successful?

If you focus on the future, is it easier to comprehend these people's present success? Why?

Throughout the book of Habakkuk, God

Read Habakkuk 3:17-19. How do you think Habbakkuk was able to be "joyful" even though things were bad and appeared to be getting worse?

If these verses were written about your life, what would they say? Do you think your faith would be the same as Habakkuk's? Why or why not?

Habakkuk 2:4 says "the righteous will live by faith". Habakkuk wrote this during the hardest of times. What do you think it means to "live by faith" in difficult circumstances?

What present circumstances make it difficult for you to always obey God? Why?

Read Hebrews 11:32-39. Which of the circumstances in this passage is closest to your …

Small Group Leaders, Listen Up!

thanks to Ben Reed for these good thoughts.
The way that you apply any given Scripture is flavored by your life experiences. It’s inevitable. Hopefully you don’t rely on your life experiences as your interpretive grid, but to work through applications based on where you find yourself in life is appropriate (sorry…I’ll stop the hermeneutics lesson now).I find myself as a small groups pastor, getting ready to train new small groups leaders. I’m reading through Scriptures, and as I do, small groups applications come to mind. Here’s what I read:Be quick to listen, slow to speak. -James 1:19Small group leaders need to remember this when leading their small group:1. Listen intently to people’s stories. Knowing where somebody has come from and why they gave that particular answer will be unbelievably helpful for you as you lead that person. Listening to and remembering people’s stories makes them feel that you care, and is a way you can love your group members.2. Ask questions and wait f…