Launching With a New LIFEgroup This Fall

Joining an existing LIFEgroup is always difficult. Everyone already knows each other, you’ve missed out on inside jokes, and it takes a long time to figure out the culture. A couple times each year, we try to launch NEW groups, so that those wishing to join a group can share the experience of starting a group from scratch. Our launch groups are led by capable leaders, and remain open to new members for several months in order to help the group grow. Below are the groups launching in the fall of ‘09.

Crown Financial:
Money is weighing heavily on people’s minds right now. Wouldn’t you love to know exactly what the Bible says about how to use your money? This group will walk you through all the Bible’s teaching about money. This study includes some homework and a small fee for materials.

Young and Married:
If you’re new to family life, whether or not you have kids, this group is for you. Join with other couples to build relationships, pray together, and study the New Testament book of Ephesians. This group will meet Sunday evenings at the church. Childcare is provided.

This group for women of all ages will meet Tuesday mornings at the church. The primary focus will be on Bible study, with secondary emphasis on prayer and relationship building. Childcare will be provided.

Whether you are just out of high school, or a veteran of the work force you are invited to be part of this group. Our dream is to see this LIFEgroup eventually grow into several LIFEgroups which are more focused on the varied stages of life many single adults find themselves in. For now, though, we’ll gather together weekly to study the extremely practical book of James. We’ll also pursue missional opportunities together. This group will meet Tuesday evenings, location TBA.

Parents of Teens:
The teen years are often difficult on parents. This group provides a place for you to connect with other parents to pray for your children and for our student ministries. You’ll also have opportunity to share advice and encouragement with one another. The group will meet Wednesday at the church while your students are studying the Bible with Keith!

General Adult Group:
This group is open to all adults of any life stage. We’ll be working through the study, “Defining Moments”, a study Jesus’ significant teaching. The group will meet Wednesday evenings at the church so that any children can participate in AWANA.

To register for any of these groups, complete the form below!