How To Discover a Missional Project for Your Group

Use the following questions with your group to help you figure out a missional project.

1) How has God been moving in your heart over the past few months? What people has he been impressing you to love?

2) What gifts are obvious in our group? What kinds of things are we good at?

3) What needs in the community are we aware of?

4) Do we know any people who are currently meeting needs in the community? Do they need help?

5) What resources do we have available to us? What times do we have available to us?

6) Who can we contact that might point us in a good direction?

7) What is our next step?

It may be that after a good discussion you don't sense you've made great progress. Encourage everyone to live the next week with their EYES WIDE OPEN to the needs they might see around them. The following week, repeat this discussion and see if people's OPEN EYES creates more ideas.