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Children of God: Lifegroup Questions

Read the passage as a group, having each person read one verse.
What are the things that stick out at you in this passage?Key WordsBig IdeasContrastsPatterns
All of these verses (and those beyond) are unpacking a big truth: "We are the children of God"
Describe the ideal family meal. What does it look like, sound like, feel like? What is the interaction like?
What are some of the behaviors and attitudes that show someone to be a "child of God"?
Tell a story that illustrates what it means to be live rightly.
Do verses 6-10 teach that a Christian can never sin? Why or why not? What do these verses teach regarding Christians and sin?
What do you think it means to "live in him"? (vs. 6). Read John 15:4-8. Do these verses add any insight to the idea of "living in Jesus"?
How does a relationship change (for better and worse) when you live with someone? How would your relationship with Jesus change if you literally lived with Him?
How have you experience…

Having the Heart of Jesus: Discussion Questions from 1 John 2

How would you define "LOVE"?

Not all "loves" are the same (eg. I love hot-dogs is not parallel to I love Marianne). How would you explain the word "love" in John's command to not love the world?

Read the three ways John defines "love of the world". Give specific examples of what those things might look like for someone in your age living in West Michigan. Is it possible to "do" or "have" the things of the world without "loving" them? Why or why not?

Why do people get married? How does a relationship change when you move from dating to marriage? (MOVE TOWARD "TEMPORAL" vs. "PERMANENT" v.16-17) Once you are married, do you date other people? Why or why not? How might the analogy of marriage be similar to verse 15?

Use the following verses to discuss what should be the Christian's relationship with the world? Have different group members look at each verse and then tell the g…

Having the Heart of Jesus: Discussion questions for 1 John 1

List three things you enjoy and at which you excel.
List three things you do not do very well.

As a group, identify one thing each person in the room does well (different from the lists they made).

How does it feel to have others talking about what you do well? How would it feel to listen to this group talk about what you do poorly?

What do you think God would say you do well?
What do you think God would say you do poorly?

Some people have a difficult time with self-perception. Talk about a time you've had to deal with someone who just didn't realize how they were being perceived by those around them (don't use names).

Read 1 John 1:5-10.

John talks about three claims we might make about ourselves. Describe each of these claims in your own words. Have a few people give examples of how someone might make these claims.

What are some ways you've observed people denying their sin or rationalizing their sin?

According to John, how do our actions validate or invalidate the claims we m…

An Overview of 1 John (LIFEgroup Questions)

Begin by breaking your group into five "sub-groups". If you have less than 10 people, you may have some individuals acting as sub-groups. Assign each sub-group one chapter in 1 John and give them 7-10 minutes to answer the following questions:

1) What words or ideas are regularly repeated in this chapter?

2) Are there any parts of this chapter that remind you of other passages in Scripture? Which ones?

3) What is one verse that really stands out in this chapter.

4) How is this passage informational? How is it instructional? How is it corrective?

Gather together as a group and have each sub-group talk about their discoveries.

As a large group discuss the following questions:

1) To what relationship in your life can you apply some of 1 John's truth this week?

2) How can this group pray for you as you pursue this goal? Can anyone in this group help you with this?

3) Have someone in the group read 1 John 1:5-7. Are there any parts of your life that you need to bring out into t…