6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start a New Small Group

Who can start a group? ANYONE!

The following are six questions to ask yourself before you start a group. Thinking through these questions will help you get started on the right foot.

What will this group do?
Before you invite someone to join a group, have an idea of what the primary focus of the group will be. This doesn’t have to be set in stone, nor does it need to be perfectly detailed. Likely, once the group gets going you’ll work together to figure out the specifics. It will help, though, to be able to say, “This is a group that will be focused on prayer (or Bible study, or missional service, etc…).

Who will be a part of this group?
Make a list of people you want to invite to join you. Or partner with a few others, and everyone invite a few people. Remember, you’ll likely start small, but if you are an inviting group of people growth will happen.

How will I invite people to this group?
A face-to-face invite is always best. However, you may want to prime the pump by sending an email, facebook message, or making a phone call. Let them know you’re going to be talking to them soon about a small group opportunity.

How will I follow up on those I’ve invited?
Don’t just do a “one and done” invite. Check back within a few days to see if they’ve thought about it or if they have any questions. A follow up contact also lets the person know that you really do want them to join.

When will our first meeting be?
Your first meeting time doesn’t need to be the time you always meet. However, if you can give people an actual date and time when you invite them they will be more likely to join you.

When will our second meeting be?
The first time your group gets together, make sure you set a second time to meet. If everyone agrees on a second meeting time, they will all feel more invested in the group and will be far more likely to continue on!