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Church, The Kingdom Outpost: LIFEgroup Questions for Acts 1

What is your favorite courtroom TV show or movie? Why?

In your opinion, what makes someone a good witness? What makes someone a poor witness?

Read Acts 1:6-8. Jesus wanted his followers to be his "witnesses". To what do you think did he want them to testify?

If you had been an eyewitnesses to all of Jesus' ministry, what would have been your testimony about him?

Read Acts 1:3. How important do you think the resurrection was to these witnesses? Why?

Regarding the resurrection, why do you think the testimony of the people in Acts 1 would be credible?

If someone asked you to give an account of what you know about Jesus, what would you say?

Read Romans 6:5,7-8. How should Jesus' resurrection from the dead affect us?

How have you personally benefited from Jesus' resurrection?

If someone asked you to be a witness about Jesus' resurrection, what would be your testimony?

Read Acts 1:8 again. Jesus wanted his disciples to be witnesses first in Jerusalem, then eventually…

The Gospel of the Kingdom: LIFEgroup Questions for Romans 6

Have each person in the group describe (in just a few sentences) what it means to "live the Christian life."

Romans 6 is all about "living the Christian" life. In this chapter, Paul uses two pictures to help us understand what it means to live as someone who has been justified by Jesus' work on the cross. The first picture is the picture of death, the second picture is the picture of slavery.

Read Romans 6:3-11. What do you like about these verses? What is confusing about these verses? What is the "main idea" of these verses?

What do you think it means to "die with Jesus"? How does the act of baptism symbolize this death?

If our death in Christ is the end of our old way of life, what kind of things are we now "dead" to?

Having been buried with Christ, we share in his resurrection also. How should our life be different because of the resurrection?

Look at verses 11 and 14. How would you restate these ideas in your words?


The Gospel of the Kingdom: LIFEgroup Questions for Romans 3

This study is about sin and is based largely on Genesis 2,3. Many of the questions refer to the story of Adam and Eve which appears in those chapters. Romans 3 is also largely about sin and it's impact on us. Use these questions to supplement your study of Romans 3.From where does sin come?
What caused Eve to sin? What caused Adam to sin?
Why was the serpent’s suggestion tempting to Eve? What makes sin tempting to us?
To what degree are all people sinners? What void in our lives are we trying to fill when we sin?
How are pride and/or selfishness connected to our sin?
List all of God’s commands in Genesis 2. Are they reasonable?
At what point in Genesis 3 do you think Eve sinned? Why?
Is sin more than just “disobedience to God?” Why or why not?
According to Romans 3:23, all have fallen short. Fallen short of what?
What does it mean to be righteous?
List as many of God’s commands to us as you can.
How would you define “sin”?
Who is affected by our sin? Who is offended by our…

The Gospel of the Kingdom: LIFEgroup Questions for Romans 1

This study is based on Romans 1:18-25. It is important to understand and move toward the understanding that God is the creator and is not to be confused with the creation in any way! This is a foundational thought for all Biblical understanding.
It was made by God
It points to God
It is a resource, not a source
It is incapable of receiving worship or service
20 Questions
Are men really ungodly and righteous? Why or why not?
By whose standards are these judgments made?
What makes someone ungodly or unrighteous?
What truths about God do people suppress? Why?
What are the attributes of God that are clear to everyone?
How can creation point us to God?
Does it matter that God is immortal?
If God is the creator, what –if any– is our responsibility to him?
Why wouldn’t someone want to believe that God is the creator?
What do you think it means to “worship the creature”? Do people worship the creature today?
How does suppressing God’s truth make it easier f…

Five Types of Questions for Small Group Leaders

This is a helpful article about the different kinds of questions you can use to lead a discussion in a small group. It was written by Mac Lake.
Everyone has arrived at your home for Small Group. Some are gathered in the kitchen, some in the den and others hanging out in the living room. Your house is alive with chatter, people are engaged in comfortable conversation, the rooms are filled with energy and it’s obvious that everyone is glad to be there. You practically have to drag them into the living room to start the study time because they don’t want to break away from their conversations. Then as you start the study time you notice a whole new dynamic. The energy is gone, the people who were so chatty just moments ago suddenly have nothing to say and you dredge your way through the study time feeling as if you have bored them to tears.How do you create dynamic discussion during your group study time? One of the keys is using quality discussion questions. While most group …