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Church, The Kingdom Outpost: LIFEgroup Questions for Acts 11

What is the dirtiest you have ever been? How did it happen? How did you get clean?

Read Acts 11:1-18. What parts of this passage do you like? What questions do you have after reading this? What really stands out to you in these verses?

What do you think was the main issue for the "circumcision" party (vs.2-3) ?

Why do you think it mattered to them who Peter was eating with (vs. 3)?

Read Luke 5:29-32. How are these two stories similar? What do you think Jesus would have said to these men in Acts 11?

Why do you think people are sometimes afraid of new things? What new things in life are you concerned about?

Which part of Peter's vision (vs. 5-9) did you find most interesting? Why?

In your opinion, why did Peter not want to eat the animals in the vision? Was he right or wrong?

What does it mean for God to make something or someone clean?

How can the conclusions we draw about people keep us from seeing them as cleaned by God? How should we deal with this?

Who in your circ…

31 Ways You (and your group) Can Impact Your Circles of Influence

This is a modification of a list I found at the blog Here to Lead. The blog is written by Michael Lukaszewski, the lead pastor of Oak Leaf Church near Atlanta. I've taken his list of "40 Ways You Can Invite People to Chuch" and made some slight modifications to make it 31 You Can Impact Your Circles of Influence.
Grill out for the employees of a company or business.Dress up like a Star Wars character wherever there are people and take pictures with kids and families. Give them a special card with the location they can download the picture. You will have a blast and invite a bunch of people to church.Tailgate at high school football games. Give away hot dogs and impact people.Set up a moonwalk at a local park while events are happening.Volunteer at community runs and bike racesHand out coffee or hot chocolate at the Party in the Park or other events in downtown MuskegonDo free oil change or car inspections in the Calvary parking lot. Invite people you know to t…

Church, The Kingdom Outpost: LIFEgroup Questions for Acts 9

Read Acts 9:32-43.

What is your favorite verse in this passage? Why?

What questions do you have after reading this passage?

Verse 32 says, "Peter went here and there among them all"(ESV). Have those in the group with other translations read their versions as well. Why do you think Peter was traveling around like this? What do you think he was doing in each of these places?

Why is it important for Christians to cultivate relationships with other Christians? How have you been encouraged recently because of your relationship with another Christian?

Peter actively pursued these relationships. What kinds of activities can people do in today's world to actively pursue relationships?

Which of the two healings in theses verses do you like best? Why?

In verse 34, Peter says, "Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you." In verse 40, he prays before bringing Dorcas back to life. Is there any connection between these two verses? (how is Jesus central in both healings?)