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31 Ways You (and your group) Can Impact Your Circles of Influence

This is a modification of a list I found at the blog Here to Lead. The blog is written by Michael Lukaszewski, the lead pastor of Oak Leaf Church near Atlanta. I've taken his list of "40 Ways You Can Invite People to Chuch" and made some slight modifications to make it 31 You Can Impact Your Circles of Influence.

  1. Grill out for the employees of a company or business.
  2. Dress up like a Star Wars character wherever there are people and take pictures with kids and families. Give them a special card with the location they can download the picture. You will have a blast and invite a bunch of people to church.
  3. Tailgate at high school football games. Give away hot dogs and impact people.
  4. Set up a moonwalk at a local park while events are happening.
  5. Volunteer at community runs and bike races
  6. Hand out coffee or hot chocolate at the Party in the Park or other events in downtown Muskegon
  7. Do free oil change or car inspections in the Calvary parking lot. Invite people you know to take advantage (call the church first to set it up!)
  8. Host a block party for your neighborhood.
  9. Provide “full service” at a local gas station – wash windows and leave a car freshener
  10. Show free family movies at your house. If you can borrow a projector, you can make a "drive-in" feel in your back yard.
  11. Help local schools with their fall festivals. Instead of re-creating the wheel, just help a school make their event better.
  12. Take professional pictures at local school talent shows
  13. Visit a nursing home
  14. Be intentional about coaching a kids sports team.
  15. You and your kids set up a lemonade stand.
  16. Have a free garage sale…give away things and ask people how you can serve them
  17. Do a free car wash
  18. Walk around a neighborhood and collect canned food. Grow relationships while asking for food. (call Love, Inc. or Mission for Area People first and find out what kind of canned food they can use, then bring it to them!)
  19. Hand out helium balloons at special events
  20. Get a truck, ladder and a bunch of light bulbs and walk around and ask people if they need light bulbs changed.
  21. Set up a bounce house at the movie theater when a big kids movie premiers. Or in front of another store. Managers are often open to anything that draws attention to their store.
  22. Enter a float in one of the parades. Walk along side it and give away candy.
  23. Take breakfast to school teachers. Simply email the principal and ask if you can do it, set a day, and make it happen.
  24. Get a giant backpack sprayer and offer to spray for bugs in people’s homes. It might seem strange, but what a great way to talk to someone.
  25. Salt and snowblow (shovel, plow, etc) driveways when it ices during the winter.
  26. Help with field days at a local elementary school. What school wouldn’t appreciate volunteers?
  27. Take food to fire stations. Let them know you appreciate them and ask how you can serve them.
  28. Valet cars when a school has an open house.
  29. Provide childcare for high school graduations.
  30. Cook team meals before home games at local sporting events
  31. Pass out the best candy Halloween, or downtown where hundreds of children come to trick or treat every year.


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