No "Favorites" Allowed (James 2)

Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school/college? What made him or her your favorite?

Were you ever in a class when the teacher had a favorite? How did you feel about the "teacher's pet?" (or, were you the teacher's pet?)

Read James 2:1-13. Use this passage as your guide while answering the following questions:

Based on what you read in 2:1-4, how would you define favoritism?

Besides rich people, what are some other types of people who might receive preferential treatment? Why would people show favoritism toward these people?

What do you think might cause someone to act this way in a church?

Can you think of times in your life when you've shown this type of favoritism?

What things can you do to avoid showing unjust favoritism?

According to 2:5, what are the benefits of being poor? What do you think these things mean?

Compare this passage to Matthew 5:3. How are they similar?

Does this mean we should favor the poor and dishonor the rich? Why or why not?

According to 2:9, how does God feel about favoritism?

What does it mean to "show mercy?" Can you give specific examples of how you might show mercy to someone in the coming week?

What can you do today to show mercy instead of judgment?