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2011, the year of MORE.

What is a New Years resolution you or a friend have made that was completely unrealistic? How did it turn out?

What other goals have you set for yourself (or have others set for you) that were impossible to achieve? How do you respond when faced with an impossible task?

What seemingly impossible spiritual goals or tasks would you like to accomplish? Why do they seem so difficult?

Read Proverbs 14:15. What do you think this Proverb means?

How can one be thoughtful of the steps they take in life? Why is this important? Give some examples of people who haven't been thoughtful about the steps they took in life. What were the results?

What are some other biblical principles or verses that talk about the steps we take in life? Do you think it's true that every step we take makes us nearer to or further from God? Why or why not?

Talk about the following spiritual goals. Which seems easiest? Which seems most difficult? Why?

1. Be someone who lives like Christ and loves like…

7 Elements of a Successful Small Group

This is from Craig Groeschel, a pastor in Oklahoma.
Over the years, Amy and I have participated in several different small groups. Some were much more successful than others.Here are the elements we’ve found essential for a great group:A great group needs a leader. When everyone is always voting on what we do next, we never do much. A good leader makes for a good group.A great group is built around God’s word. Too often, small groups become all about fellowship. While fellowship is always essential, doing life around God’s word is what truly makes the difference.A great group is a safe group. If people can’t discuss openly without fear of judgment, rejection, or gossip, the group is doomed to fail.A great group looks outward. Serving together is life changing.A great group births new groups. If a group stays together for too long, they usually grow stale. Healthy groups produce new groups.A great group takes breaks. We often take the summer off from consistent meetings. We’re all…

Arrival of the Kingdom: Revelation 21

If you could give one room in your house a "makeover" which room would you choose? What would you do?

If you could give one part of your life a "makeover" what would you choose? What would you do?

Read Revelation 21:1. Why do you think God needs to give the world a "makeover"? What things most need to change?

What are some ways you have observed sin and the presence of sin impacting your life and the lives of people around you?

Read Revelation 21:2-4. Which part of the new heaven and new earth is most appealing to you? Why?

What advantage is there to living in the presence of God? Can you think of any experiences that might help to illustrate what this will be like?

Read Revelation 21:5. What has Jesus done to "make all things new?" How did His work on the cross make things new? What else has He done?

What part of your life has already been made new because of your relationship with Jesus? What part of your life do you think He wants you to w…

Arrival of the Kingdom: Revelation 20

This is a difficult chapter to work through, so we're going to begin by just talking about the actual content of the chapter.

Have everyone in the group look over the chapter and point out everything the chapter says about the following:
Satan (the devil)the 1000 yearsJesus ChristJudgmentthe Lake of FireWhat portions of this chapter stand out? Which portions are exciting? Which are depressing? Why?
Why do you think there are still people on earth willing to follow Satan, even after 1000 years of Christ's reign? What does this tell you about the hearts of men?
If you could summarize this chapter in one sentence, what would it be? (have several people answer this)
How is it encouraging to know that Satan will ultimately be judged for his deceitful work? What does this reminder inspire you to do?
What feelings do you have about the judgement at the end of the chapter? Do you know people who will be on the wrong side of that judgment?
What does someone need to do to get their name i…

Why Do People Fail at Missions?

Why are churches ineffective at evangelism? There are probably lots of reasons, but Colin Adams has some outstanding thoughts in answer to this question. This is a great exercise for a group. Take some time and ask your group why they don't evangelize as much as they think they should. See how many of their answers match the ones in this list. Then read the list and see if they agree. Spend time talking about solutions the church can provide, and solutions your group can provide.

1. Church members cannot articulate the gospel clearly.

Response: The pastor should articulate the gospel with clarity from the pulpit on a regular basis. Presenting the gospel clearly on a regular basis will help fellow-Christians present it more clearly too. If necessary, church members should work through a study like 2 ways to live

2. Church members have few non-Christian friends.

Response: Cut down on the number of church activities during the week to allow some room for relationshi…

Arrival of the Kingdom: Revelation 12

What is your favorite part of Christmas? What is your favorite part of the Christmas story? Why?

Why do you think many people have a sense of longing as they approach Christmas? For what are they waiting?

What is something you are waiting for in your life?

Read Revelation 12:1-9.

Remember that Revelation is a book that is full of imagery. No chapter has more symbolism than Revelation 12. Whenever we read this kind of writing, we must be careful not to read more into the symbols than the author intended. This isn't easy, so we should do it humbly and with the understanding that we might not get it exactly right. Therefore, our interpretation of chapters like these should lead us to be more like Christ, but should not lead us to fight with our brothers!

The two key characters in Revelation 12 are the woman and the dragon. Verse 9 tells us who the dragon is.

Discuss why each of the following might be represented by the woman.
EveIsraelMarythe Church When a woman is pregnant, s…