4 Steps to Empower Spiritual Growth in Your Small Group

We do the "small group thing" for a lot of different reasons. We want to help people develop healthy relationships, we want them to be connected to our church, we want them to have a place where they can care and be cared for, we want them to do mission together, we want them to have a place to receive prayer and support. More than anything else, though (hopefully), we want them to grow to be more like Jesus.
So here are four steps that can enable your group to help one another grow. How you enact these steps will depend on the culture of your group and the strengths of your own leadership style. You may even want to modify them a bit, after all, they aren't inspired:
1) Observe
- Know yourself, identify growth areas, determine how you need to be more Christ-like. This is mostly character assessment, NOT habit-assessment.
2) Covenant
- Set goals to improve. Be specific. Share your goals with your LIFEgroup.
3) Encourage
- Remind each other. Pray for each other. Support each other. Report to each other.
4) Celebrate
- When goals are reached engage in celebration, gift-giving, creating markers.