Doing Discipleship Like Jesus Did Discipleship

Ekklesia Church in Detroit utilizes "D-Groups" for discipleship (a rose by any other name, right?). They have an official statement about why this is their primary discipleship vehicle. It looks like this:
Jesus had many disciples, but He spent most of His time developing twelve men (Mark 3:13-19). His most influential ministry took place in His discipleship group. Because Jesus did it this way, we will do the same. We offer a variety of D-Groups that meet during the week.
This is a very simple and clear defense of small group discipleship. I wonder what it would look like to try to intentionally create relational interactions in our small groups that mirrored the relational interactions Jesus had with His disciples. It might be that the chronological, geographical, and cultural differences are too great; or it might be that this practice would be a goldmine of discipleship effectiveness.

Just something to think about.