Small Groups Create An Ideal Space for Learning to Serve

For many years, we've tried to develop a small group culture at Calvary that included a focus on mission. While every group's mission might be different, we want to have groups that exist for a purpose beyond simply meeting together.

I'm luck to be part of a group that has really embraced the idea of being a missional group. In addition to serving at a local soup kitchen each month, several of our members are becoming more engaged with the local school systems and this spring we'll be partnering with a local neighborhood group in their creation of a "Garden of Hope."

This recent blog post highlights some of the requirements for leading a missional small group.

In the end, I'm convinced that having small groups engage mission creates a wonderful balance of accomplishing mission and empowering people to serve. It's simply easier to serve others if you are doing it with your friends. Small Groups provide an ideal entry point for people to begin serving even though they might never do it on their own!