5 Prayer Lists Your Small Group Already Has

The other day, I came across a blog post about 7 Prayer Lists You Already Have. Since I love lists, I took the time to read it, and really enjoyed it. Although the post itself is actually aimed at pastors, I thought we could modify it just a bit and make it quite relevant for small groups. So if your group is looking for more resources to help you pray together, think about these 5 Prayer Lists You Already Have:
  1.  Your Calendars. Have everyone look at one event in their coming week for which they'd like the group to pray.
  2. Your Group List. Pray for every person that is a part of your group who is absent at your current meeting. If everyone is there, assign each person a name for whom they will pray this coming week.
  3. Church Ministries. Have someone go to on-line and pray for each of the ministries that are listed on your church's web-site.
  4. Your Church Staff. You can probably get this list from the church web-site or someone else. Spend time praying not just for your pastors, but for everyone on your church's staff. Don't forget the building staff, as well. They make great sacrifices to make the ministry possible!
  5. The Church Bulletin. Go through your church bulletin and pray for each announcement. Sometimes you'll be praying for events, sometimes you'll be praying for people.

One of the greatest benefits of this exercise is that it will help your group learn to focus their prayers externally. While there is nothing wrong with bringing our own requests to God, one of the important lessons we all need to learn is that our prayer is a gift we can give to others!