7 Steps Toward a Life-Changing Group Quest

We all have virtues we'd like to develop in our life, and we all have vices we'd like to destroy in our life. The people who are around us and with whom we are sharing our life (our small group) could be our most powerful allies in these struggles... if we let them.

Think about what might happen if you covenanted together with 2-3 others from your small group, and devoted yourselves to one another for a 3-4 month period of time with the following steps guiding your journey together:
  • determine a life-virtue to be developed
  • craft an impossible quest toward that virtue
  • observe someone else who is modelling a similar quest
  • assist someone else in their completion of a similar quest
  • attempt and fail at the quest
  • complete and memorialize the quest
  • determine a new life-virtue to be developed