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Abiding in Christ. Some thoughts from John 15

John 15 is about abiding in Christ and bearing fruit. Here's a list of thoughts I have about what it means to abide in Christ and live a fruit-bearing life: Fruit is good works. "Good" is not defined by me. Good works are works God considers good; they are the activities which are in alignment with His law. They are only possible through Jesus. On my own, I have nothing good.Fruit is goodness, righteousness, and truth. If something requires me to be less than completely truthful, it is not good fruit. This has greater and deeper implications that I initially think. The more I contemplate it, the more I think this is really a life-altering concept.Fruit is a direct result of the controlling forces in your life. The tree is recognized by it's fruit. Jesus is the vine, we are the branches. If my life is not producing the kind of fruit God considers good, it is because my branch is not locked into Jesus' vine.The kingdom was removed from the Jews because of a lack of …

Honoring and Investing: The Key to Intergenerational Relationships

Do you know the Ruth story? Family moves to new country. Two sons get married.Father and both sons die.Mother tells new daughter-in-laws to return to their people and restart life.One does. Ruth stays with her new mother Naomi. They return to the old country.Naomi is bitter about the harsh hand dealt her by life.Ruth works hard to make things work.Ruth meets Boaz.Naomi helps Ruth navigate the customs to get together with Boaz.Ruth and Boaz get together and have baby Obed.Ruth 3:1-5 serves as the turning point of the story. Prior to chapter three, everything is about survival and recovery from life's bitter turns. Chapter three is the launching point for much more positive things. One day Naomi her mother-in-law said to her, "My daughter, should I not try to find a home for you, where you will be well provided for? Is not Boaz, with whose servant girls you have been, a kinsman of ours? Tonight he will be winnowing barley on the threshing floor. Wash and perfume yourself, and put…