Scripture, Stories, Shepherding. 3 Keys to a Transformational Small Group

This isn't my own material. I've "borrowed" it and re-purposed it to apply to small groups.

A TRANSFORMATIONAL SMALL GROUP is one that includes Scripture, stories and is led by a shepherd.

SCRIPTURE: Life Change happens when we focus on Scripture. Every group must consider how they well apply Scripture to the hearts of each member.

STORIES: Everyone in a group has a unique story. As leaders, the task is to draw out those stories and then help people connect with one another’s stories.

SHEPHERDING: A gift for teaching is certainly important in a transformational small group; but gifted shepherds may be more important. “A shepherd will tell you who they are teaching and not what they teaching,” says David Francis. “Shepherds pray for people. Prayer is the ultimate secret weapon. As you pray for people you really get to know people.”

This is a modified reposting from an article by Melissa Lilley in which she reviews David Francis' work regarding Transformation Sunday School.