Eight Marks of a Christian Community

If you asked me what are the evidences of a true Christian Community. I might point to some things like these:
  • Members who are committed to a life of obedience to God through faith in His Son
  • Seeking to better understand God’s nature and enact his character as a group
  • Having the confidence to ask for prayer from one another
  • Sharing personal needs and struggles with each other and seeking as a group to meet those needs and alleviate those struggles
  • Exhorting one another to live the lifestyle of a Christ follower rather than the lifestyle of the world
  • Fulfilling the Great Commission by bearing witness to the Kingdom, confessing the Gospel, and making new disciples
  • Finding ways to “love our neighbors” by meeting the needs of those in West Michigan and around the world
Should each of these "marks" be true of small groups? Why or why not? What would you add? What would you subtract?