Small Groups: Helping to Synthesize John 13 and Acts 2

Just before he died, Jesus gave a "new" command to his disciples, telling them to love one another with the same love he had loved them. (This is recorded in John 13)

Acts 2:42-47 gives us a vivid picture of how Jesus’ first followers lived this out. Four key words help us understand how Calvary is living out these relationships, particularly through LIFEgroups:

“devoted” (vs. 42) – Being part of the church is a crucially important element of a person’s life; LIFEgroups allow someone to be devoted to relationships rather than programs or meeting times.

“everyone” (vs. 43) – No one was sitting on the sidelines of the Acts 2 church. Because of their size, LIFEgroups provide an environment in which everyone can actively participate.

“together” (vs. 44) – Lone Rangers were not an option in Acts 2. Individualism was non-existent; LIFEgroups are formed on the idea that Christians should be living life together with other Christians, not alone.

“every day” (vs. 46) – Acts 2 believers were Christians seven days a week. There were no “Sunday-only” believers; LIFEgroups emphasize the importance of Christianity beyond the regular Sunday gatherings.