10 Reminders Small Group Leaders Need

I came across this list last week, it's a nice reminder of some of the things that should be important to every small group leader. You can read the entire blog post here. The author, Jon Stolpe, expands on each of these points with his own thoughts:
1. Small group leaders are important.
2. Small group leaders set the tone.
3. Small groups are not about small group leaders.
3A. Small groups aren’t just about the groups either.
4. Small group leaders aren’t supposed to live on an island.
5. Small group leaders must be invitational.
6. Small group leaders aren’t perfect.
7. Being a small group leader isn’t always easy.
8. Seek advice and wisdom from trusted advisers.
9. Lean into the small group leader community.
9A. Be patient. It may take time for your small group to grow.
10. Be passionate!