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8 Tips For Better Small Group Discussions

I borrowed this list from discipleship journal, but these are some helpful hints for leading discussion:
1. Wait out the silence. After you ask a question, don't rush to rephrase or answer it. Allow group members time to think.
2. Watch faces. If you see the wheels turning, invite members to think aloud: "Mike, did you have a thought you'd like to share?"
3. Ask follow-up questions. This draws the speaker out and helps everyone think about the subject more thoroughly. You might ask, - "What do you mean by that?" - "In what way?" - "Why do you think that is?"
4. Know when to contribute. You don't need to do what your group members have already done. If a member has offered a gentle, appropriate correction to a wrong answer, it's not necessary to add to it. If the group has covered a question well and your answer is the same, go to the next question. However, if you have a different answer to offer, do so respectfully. "I thought of …