SOAPY Bible Study

In the past, I've written about and talked about the SOAP method of Bible study. This is a simple Bible study method which can be utilized by an individual or a small group. All you need is a passage of Scripture and 15-30 minutes (a journal is helpful).

Many churches use this method of Bible study for their groups. Some have modified the SOAP method by adding a Y. Read more about it below:

SOAPY Bible Study - Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer, Yielding

This Bible study is an intentional focused effort of growing in the understanding of the scriptures. This form of study will assist in the transformation of our inner lives as we mature in understanding and in faith.

Set aside 15 minutes every day for the study. You might want to take more time after you have gotten started. Don’t overload yourself in the beginning. Keep a “soapy” journal because there will be the need to write everyday. As you develop your routine, share what you are learning with your Discipleship Group, Sunday school class, Circle, other groups in which you participate, or with friends in conversation.

S – SCRIPTURE: Read the scripture passage aloud so you can hear it. Second, write every word of the scripture in your journal. Both reading it aloud and writing it will help put the scripture in your mind and heart.

O – OBSERVATION: Ask yourself the question, “What is God teaching me in this scripture?” As you ask yourself the question, your mind will be full of thoughts. Write those thoughts down. You will know what is being communicated as you reflect upon what you have written.

A – APPLICATION: Ask yourself the question, “How does this scripture apply to my life?” As you reflect upon the question, look for promises to claim, attitudes to change, challenges to accept, sins to confess, commands to obey, actions to take, examples to follow, or skills to learn. Write in your journal how the scripture applies to you and to your life situations.

P – PRAYER: Write a prayer to God. Depending on what you have read and written the prayer might be one of praise and thanksgiving, a prayer asking God to help you apply the teaching to your life, or a prayer of confession. This is your prayer to God. The discipline of writing your prayer will lead to transformation.

Y – YIELDING: As you complete your “SOAPY” Bible study, ask yourself the question, “What of my life must I yield to God?” This is the question that leads to obedience. Everyday, through Bible study, you will have the opportunity to yield a little more of your life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The prayer I use each day that leads to yielding is, “Lord, by your grace grant me the obedience to yield another part of my life to you today.”


Eric Jones said…
this a very good and simple way to go about doing works within myself