4 Questions Small Group Leaders Should Ask Themselves

Many large churches provide a coaching structure for the small group leaders. I'd love to be able to do that at some point, but for now... the coaching is pretty much up to me. That means our leaders need to be a little bit self-sufficient in how they evaluate their small group gatherings. The following lists originated as a series of questions for coaches to ask leaders in their weekly sessions (see the original article here). I've modified it to become a list of FOUR QUESTIONS SMALL GROUP LEADERS SHOULD ASK THEMSELVES:
1. What is the best thing that happened in your group meeting this week? This is not a question about numbers. It’s a qualitative question. Think about key comments in the meeting or important prayer requests, or positive interactions. Who is really demonstrating spiritual growth right now?

2. What’s the worst thing that happened in your group meeting this week? Are there things that aren’t working? Think about why these things happened, and how they could have been avoided. Think about how these "problems" can be turned into opportunities.

3. What are you going to do next? This isn't just about what is going to happen in next week's gathering, but it is also about what is going to happen in the life of the group. What can you be doing to help your group become more formative, caring, and missional? Do you have some goals at which you are aiming?

4. How should I be praying? This is the key question among the key questions. More than anything else, this question reminds us of where our true success comes from, and who is the judge of true success. When we have no idea what else we should do, we can always pray.