Community Is Not About Comfort

These are some great thoughts from the Disciple Making Leaders blog:

“Having loved His own who were in the world, He now showed them the full extent of His love.”
—John 13:1b

Jesus showed His disciples the “full extent of His love” by taking up a towel and wash basin and scrubbing their feet. He then instructed them to follow His example.

This snapshot from the life of Jesus and His disciples reminds me of some very important principles…

First, Jesus did life in a small group. Jesus didn’t take a towel and basin into the multitudes. He took His towel and basin to His small group. Jesus had compassion on the masses, but the full extent of His love was demonstrated to those with whom He had a relationship. Are you close enough to a small group of people that you could wash their feet? Is your life filled with a handful of relationship that are so close you want to express the full extent of your love?

Secondly, Jesus served those with whom He shared community. Community is not about us. It is about others! Jesus did not give himself to community so that He could get something out of it. Jesus gave himself to a small group so that He could serve them. When was the last time you did a tangible act of service for someone in your small group?

When you walk as Jesus walked, your life is characterized by community, and serving others becomes a priority in your life.

Daily Prayer
Lord, give me eyes to see people’s needs and hands to help meet them.