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Some of the greatest blessings we can receive in life, this side of heaven, are given us through the medium of COMMUNITY...
but only when we are willing to submit ourselves to a COMMUNITY as a contributor rather than a consumer.

4 Simple Practices Which Will Enhance Every Small Group

No matter what you are doing in your group, the following four practices can help you become a more connected and formative community. Think about way you might implement these four habits into your group life:

1. Build authentic relationships.
Caring for one another and forming one another will happen much more effectively if everyone in your group feels comfortable with one another. Spend time every time you’re together asking and answering questions about each other. Good questions can often launch your group into fruitful inter-personal discussion. Consider the following ten week schedule for your opening Q&A time:

Who are your heroes?What are your strengths?What unique skills do you have?What are your most important beliefs?What things do you value?What is the mission of your life?What things always keep your interest?What do you dream about doing?What are the key events of your life?What is something we need to know about you?
Modify the questions for your group, or use comple…