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5 Ways Facebook Can Improve Your Small Group

Talking badly about Facebook, and piously lamenting about what a time-waster it can be is pretty easy. I know if I'm not careful social media can be a big time-waster for me

However, that doesn't mean everything about Facebook is evil.

In fact, we should probably recognize that half the world is on Facebook; and probably far more than half our church is on Facebook. So instead of condemning Facebook, let's try to think about how it can be beneficial.
A while back I put together a PRIVATE (that's important) Facebook group for my small group. I invited/added all the members of our group (including those who aren't quite as faithful with their attendance), and then I simply sat back and watched to see how we used it.
The following list is based mostly on the things for which I've seen our group use Facebook. A few of the items I've added as my own ideas. Here are FIVE WAYS FACEBOOK CAN IMPROVE YOUR SMALL GROUP: Remind people of upcoming events. We're having …