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SOAPY Bible Study

In the past, I've written about and talked about the SOAP method of Bible study. This is a simple Bible study method which can be utilized by an individual or a small group. All you need is a passage of Scripture and 15-30 minutes (a journal is helpful).

Many churches use this method of Bible study for their groups. Some have modified the SOAP method by adding a Y. Read more about it below:

This Bible study is an intentional focused effort of growing in the understanding of the scriptures. This form of study will assist in the transformation of our inner lives as we mature in understanding and in faith.
Set aside 15 minutes every day for the study. You might want to take more time after you have gotten started. Don’t overload yourself in the beginning. Keep a “soapy” journal because there will be the need to write everyday. As you develop your routine, share what you are learning with your Discipleship Group, Sunday school class, Circle, other groups in which you participate, or …

Why Kim Kardashian Will Never Be Good at Groups

The truth is, I know nothing about Kim Kardashian. I’ve never met her, I’ve not spent too much time reading about her and I certainly know nothing about her church-going habits. However, based on the public persona Kim Kardashian promotes, I think it’s safe to say she probably wouldn’t be a solid recruit for your small group.

For what it’s worth, this post isn’t really about Kim Kardashian. In fact, I hope someday Kim Kardashian can be a model small group member. This post is really about three necessary elements of successful small groups:

Kim Kardashian is not good at caring for others If we are to believe the media's stories, Kim Kardashian has a selfish streak. Self-centeredness and successful groups do not go hand in hand.

Caring for one another is at the core of small group relationships. Everyone in your group has been given resources by God and He expects them to use those resources for the good of one another and for the good of the group. Some people have the gift of com…