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4 Conversations To Grow Your Small Group

Small groups provide the ideal environment for New Testament discipleship. Every picture we have of the early church is painted in the context of relational interaction. The first Christians were always together, always building each other up, always helping one another be formed into the image of Christ.

In your small group, you can facilitate New Testament type discipleship by regularly implementing the four following conversations into your group time:

1. Build authentic relationships.  Caring for one another and building one another up will occur more effectively if everyone in your group feels comfortable with one another. Spend time every time you’re together asking and answering questions about each other. Good questions can often launch your group into fruitful inter-personal discussion. Consider the following ten week schedule for your opening Q&A time:
· Who are your heroes?· What are your strengths?· What unique skills do you have?· What are your most important beliefs?·…