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10 Summer Activities To Keep Your Small Group Connected

I just sent an email to all our small group leaders (I do this 3-4 times each month). This week's focus was STAYING CONNECTED THROUGH THE SUMMER. Below is a list of 10 summer activities a small group can use to stay connected. These are specifically created for groups at The Gathering, but you can pretty easily modify the list to fit your church or your community.
Go to a Dragon's Game together. You can buy tickets as a group from the church for the game on July 11.Design a Progressive Dinner. Have appetizers at one house, salad at another, the main course somewhere else and dessert at a final destination.Have a monthly barbecue party.Serve together. Pick a place (Good Neighbor House, St. Vincents, Victory Project, Pirate Packs, Caring Partners International, One Bistro) and sign up to serve as a group one afternoon or evening.Meet up at the Family Movie Night on June 15.Spend a day at King's Island.Work at the church for an afternoon. We have many projects both inside and…